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laziness prevails!

2010-03-06 20:25:01 by EggplantHigh

I finally finished the storyboard for my next video, it's only a matter of time now! mwahaha, MWAHAHAHA!!!


2010-01-22 21:23:30 by EggplantHigh

I am thinking that it might be best just to forget about that cinematography merit badge right about now.

How frustrating..

2010-01-21 18:47:06 by EggplantHigh

Argh, I'm trying to change the user image for my page, but Every time I change it, the old one just reappears. BLARGH, so FRUSTRATING! by the way it's the picture below, and it's within the specified parameters.

How frustrating..

Big News

2009-12-19 18:49:10 by EggplantHigh

load your water pistols and fill some balloons, cause this next video's gonna be waterlogged, action packed ...and random to boot!

It's a cartoon based off of the College Game "Assassin."

smashing success, I suppose

2009-12-15 20:09:53 by EggplantHigh

B w/o B was a hit! thanks to everyone who's supported me in this.

the video I put up recently was just a thing I did for fun. And it's better than the millions of five second stick figure videos that people spam on this website.


2009-11-23 21:08:08 by EggplantHigh

I really gotta start making more useful reviews.

1. I didn't have swine flu.
2. I could just get calvin to sit still and record his lines.
3. flash would stop crashing every five seconds
5. I actually remember to save my work before i quit.
4. I could count correctly. Wait, i've just received comfirmation that four does in fact come after five...
6. people would stop spamming my wall.

this would be going so much faster if...

the main title: "Burglars Without Brains"

It's gunna have ninjas, and lasers, and random stupidity.........two words: Totally awesome


2009-10-07 20:44:49 by EggplantHigh

Just keep workin', just keep workin', just keep workin', all day long...